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    Headlights not only help you see where your going, but help others to see you.

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    Seat belts save lives.

    Everyone on the road is responsible for Road Safety.

ASAFE Traffic iFlex Barrier

Product Details

Able to flex, absorb and reform following impacts at low-levels from vehicles such as counterbalance forklift trucks, the Traffic iFlex Barrier is designed with the standard wheel arch impact height in mind. Highly-visible, resilient and low maintenance, the barrier will protect vehicles and machinery and segregate pedestrians from workplace traffic.

An in-built modularity assists easy install and quick repairs and multi-directional posts allow the system to fit more economically into any facility, removing the hard angles that can often be the cause of accidents.

New hygiene seals and an absence of ingress points are revolutionary for sensitive environments and the non-scratch, non-corrosive, non-repaint properties of the system create huge costs savings on maintenance, downtime and manpower.

The high-visibility barriers will organise and streamline a facility, optimise productivity and make prevention of accidents a priority.

“The decision to make the change to a safer and more cost-effective barrier alternative has yielded significant benefits for the company. The initial cost of installing A-SAFE barriers has been more than offset by the savings we have made on the replacement of damaged parts and regular painting and maintenance. The barriers are effective in reducing damage to our forklift trucks, and the workforce feel confident that they are better protected.”
Services Team Leader

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